New Year, New Blog

2013 Definitely had some highlights, which included:

  • Working on the 2013 Inauguration ceremony. I’m still proud of the work we did, in spite of the hoopla that surrounded it.
  • Working with John Williams (for the fourth time in eight years!) He is such an inspiration in how to live a creative life - it really should be a topic for its own post.
  • Making great progress working out at District Crossfit. Losing 15 pounds is really just the beginning. When I look back at my training logs from the beginning of 2013, it gets much harder to stay frustrated with hitting a plateau lately.
  • Starting a company with two friends. I believe it’s an exciting time to be involved in robotics and that open-source robotics has the potential to make the world a much better place.

I’m not really one for specific resolutions, but in a general sense I’m currently trying to live well according to the following basic ideals (I don’t know why I like writing these in the second person):

Take Care of Your Body

  • Sleep!
  • Exercise regularly. This is ideally a wide range of activities, from playing ultimate to crossfit to cycling to swimming.
  • Eat real food. This one really shouldn’t be so hard.

Take Care of Your Mind

  • Sleep!
  • Read. My current habits include reading too many articles and not enough real books. In 2014 I want to be regularly reading a novel or book-length nonfiction.
  • Solve problems. For me that means doing puzzles like those found on CodeEval and working on side projects like building a static site generator.

Take Care of Your Loved Ones

  • This one is a little harder to put into bullet points because it means being more reactive than proactive. It means listening to figure out what those loved ones need and then help out in whatever way possible.

More specifically, I’ve recently decided that it is time to move on after eight amazing years in the Marine Band. This means I need to work on being more outgoing on the internet. I hope to share progress more regularly here. Also, I hope to soon port this site over to JAGSS so I can share it as an example of what I think can be a pretty good website generating workflow.